INFJ Report Card


Biting Sarcasm: A+
Deep Poetic Shit: A+
Mystical Intuition That No One Listens To: A+
Perfectionist Qualities That Frighten Others: A+
Emphasizing With Others: A+

Not Seeming Like A Stubborn, Snarky, Know-It-All: C-
Showing Sympathy Towards Peers: D
Acknowledging That They Have Their Own Emotions: D-
Patience With Stupid Ideas: F
Finding People That Understand Them: F-


Lovemaking Skills: A+++


coming out of the closet? no. i’m coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because i want it all



Inclusive children go far.

Kids are too smart for this school crap.



Inclusive children go far.

Kids are too smart for this school crap.

Anonymous asked:
#1 (for the tell us something about) :)

typically in the past I’ve been interested in people who are less needy than I am (which does kind of tend to cause problems and is something I want to be more cognizant of in the future) and people who take no bullshit whatsoever and call me out when I’m doing bad things. 



special delivery




special delivery



i hate when ppl make fun of me for trying 2 be positive and spread good vibes like fuck your bitter ass i spent a good portion of my short life being bitter and angry and suicidal if i wanna shoot sunshine out of my ass then i fuckin will 

"That’s what I’m here for, paperwork and sass."
Me to my PA

Tell us something about:

  • 1. Your romantic interests
  • 2. Your past relationship
  • 3. Your current relationship
  • 4. Your best friend
  • 5. Your worst friend
  • 6. Your parents
  • 7. Your siblings
  • 8. Your pets
  • 9. Your dreams
  • 10. Your day dreams
  • 11. Your sleeping patterns
  • 12. Your eating habits
  • 13. Your hobbies
  • 14. Your hopes
  • 15. Your fears
  • 16. Your confidence
  • 17. Your anxieties
  • 18. Your greatest adventure
  • 19. Your worst mistake
  • 20. Your emotions
  • 21. Your thoughts
  • 22. Your physical ills
  • 23. Your eyes
  • 24. Your ears
  • 25. Your taste
  • 26. Your bad habits
  • 27. Your good habits
  • 28. Your music
  • 29. Your writing
  • 30. Your philosphies
  • 31. Your sexuality
  • 32. Your likes
  • 33. Your dislikes
  • 35. Your fetishes
  • 36. Your turn-offs
  • 37. Your first sexual experience
  • 38. Your last sexual experience
  • 39. Your fantasties
  • 40. Your favourite games
  • 41. Your favourite books
  • 42. Your favourite play
  • 43. Your personality
  • 44. Your quirks
  • 45. Your sameness
  • 46. Your depression
  • 47. Your happiness
  • 48. Your role model/inspiration
  • 49. Your flexibility
  • 50. Your clothes
  • afloweroutofstone:

    I, for one, can’t wait for the destruction of traditional family values


    some legends are told

    some turn to dust or to gold

    but you will remember me

    remember me





    you know those feels

    when you’re so into something

    and you just wanna talk about it all the time but everyone else around you would be like wat




    But in light of the Lauren revelation it’s interesting to think of the first episode, how when Amy and Karma were faking it Lauren said “they’re mocking the gay rights movement” she actually meant that and how she thought they were just trying to be popular and she was a lot nicer to Amy after she learned Amy wasn’t faking it like this takes on a whole new meaning




    Jane Goodall shares an important message on the need for empathy in science, and how viewing intelligent and social non-humans as “animal beings” can help us not only treat them with the respect they deserve, but also understand how their complex biology and behavior is intertwined with our own.  

    (from NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists)

    I needed this today.

    Jane Goodall came to my college while I was still an undergrad. It was one of the best educational experiences of my life.